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  • Project Scope and Needs Assessment
  • Value Engineering and Design Assistance
  • Existing Facilities Evaluations
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Estimate Generation Design Development to Final Project Estimate
  • Site Planning and Engineering
  • Project Approval and Entitlement Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Onsite Project Supervision
  • Jobsite Facilities Management
  • Quality Control and Schedule Oversight
  • Onsite Safety Management
  • Program Management and Project Documentation Management
  • Inspection and Governmental Compliance Management
  • Final Occupancy Permit Inspections
  • Final Close Out Documentation
  • As Built and Operation Manuals
  • Punch List Supervision and Warranty Documentation

About Us

Hutter- Pioneer Construction is a design/build general contractor with over 100 years of operational experience in the construction industry. The firm has built over one billion dollars of construction projects in its history in Multifamily, Residential, Institutional, Educational, Religious, Healthcare, Commercial, Retail and Industrial sectors in regions on the East Coast from Maine to South Carolina.

We pride ourselves in specializing in difficult projects utilizing the strong customer service and work ethic to work diligently with our client base. We believe that it is important to build a project team within all the different disciplines of the Developer, Design Team, Construction Management and Subcontractor and Vendors to maximize the input of the experience each team member brings to the team as a whole to introduce new products and processes, reduce construction errors and control costs and maximize the value and quality of the project.

Advanced Building System

RSG 3-D Panel is a lightweight Panel consisting of continuous EPS insulation, a proprietary steel truss-system and welded wire fabric. Then the Panels receive a concrete finish. The RSG 3-D Panel & Building System is the only ICC Evaluated and Certified panel system (ICC ESR-2435).

  • Simpler, faster construction
  • Lower cost versus inferior materials
  • Exceeds all building codes
  • Reduced project risk
  • Reduced labor time & cost
  • Simplified framing
  • Waste elimination
  • Superior long-lasting results
  • Greater ROI
Sat, 22 Sept 2018

Featured on CNBC

This tech can protect houses during fires, earthquakes and hurricanes, but the US has been missing out

A building material called a 3D cementitious sandwich panel is made of fire retardant foam sandwiched between two wire mesh faces. The two faces are connected with reinforcement wires that run through the foam and the whole thing is enveloped in concrete. If built properly, it’s very strong, and can withstand high winds, earthquakes and even fires. A start-up called RSG 3-D wants to bring this technology to the masses in the U.S.

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